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Mess In India


India ranks 155 out of 178 countries in cleanliness……..

Wonder Why?????

The answer is right in front of us we just have to remove our invisible armour of ignorance to see things clearly.What we see is not solely government’s fault or a single person’s fault its the combined effort of all the people through many years, this is plain and simple Newton’s third law of motion “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”.So stop grouching about cleanliness in your area, how it affects health and hygine, how its government’s or any other person’s fault instead of yours and actually do something about this mess.So what can we do to actually make a difference……I am glad you asked :

Step 1: Stop taking meaningless offence to statements like “India is dirty”, “Messy India” and countless others, simply because its the truth. We all see it with our own eyes everyday and also ignore it with our own eyes everyday.

Step 2: Stop thinking its not your problem.Now one can argue I am not the one spreading this shit well buddy you are the one whose gonna walk in this shit ,breathe this shit and have to see this shit everywhere so a little effort won’t go to waste.

Step 3: Stop whining and actually do something helpful.Like this group of people who call themselves “The ugly Indian” have a facebook page where they encourage people to post before and after pictures of basically any filthy public space, finding a solution for it and applying that solution.We tolerate an incredible amount of filth in our country, this is not about money, system, this is about attitude.

I think there is something really really wrong when putting an Indian on the moon seems easier than keeping an Indian street clean.